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We foster a healthy company culture, a pleasant working environment supporting healthy lifestyle and open communication.
We invest in the development of our people and build on their experience. We want our colleagues to develop continuously, so we take the time to support their talent, potential, and ambition.

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We care. That’s why we create pleasant working environments where everyone feels supported and respected. We also focus on personal development, offering training programs and other services and benefits.

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60 K+
cups of coffee and tea every year
700 l+
of ciders and healthy syrups yearly
500 kg+
of fruit every year

“I’ve been working at Avenier for more than 10 years and I still enjoy it. The work is varied and dynamic. My cooperation with doctors is great and based on trust. At Avenier, we have a wonderful team in which we can all rely on each other. I feel trust both from colleagues and the leadership, and I know I’m offering good quality services and products which I believe in myself.”

Veronika Hodánková, Distribution Specialist

“What I like about working on the Customer Service line is that I can help people and that I can see my work is meaningful. I enjoy the company of my colleagues even after work, which makes our team stronger. Avenier also offers a wide range of benefits that help us maintain balance between our work and personal life. What I like the most is the possibility of free vaccinations and the vitamin packages.”

Martina Halasová, Customer Care Consultant

“At Avenier, I have a wonderful opportunity to combine my own abundant travelling experience with my professional experience. What I most appreciate about my work is the diversity, focus on prevention, continuous learning opportunities and the ability to pass on what I’ve learned to new colleagues and our clients. Another big bonus for me is the nice team and the support we have from management.”

Klára Kutačová, Training Nurse

“I work at the company as a Qualified Person and Quality Control specialist. Professionally speaking, my biggest joy comes from the opportunity to contribute to high standards of quality and safety for medicines that help people increase their quality of life. Besides that, what I like at Avenier is the open and friendly company culture which allows each colleague to voice their opinions and ideas.”

Silvie Placherová, Qualified Person / Quality Control specialist

“At Avenier, I have found a great team of people and a job that makes sense to me. Thanks to the friendly and comfortable atmosphere, I look forward to coming to work every day. I love meeting our customers every day and solving their problems. I believe that satisfied customers and satisfied employees go hand in hand. For me, this is my dream job.”

Michal Pencik, Distribution Specialist – Development Coordinator

“Every day is different on the Customer Service line, and I enjoy it very much. It also motivates me to keep developing professionally. My colleagues and I make a great team and we enjoy meeting even after work. Avenier is not just about work, it’s also about interesting benefits, such as after-lunch workouts that help me stay in a good mood.”

Tereza Jantošovičová, Customer Care Consultant

“What I like most about working at Avenier, is that it doesn’t become boring. Something new and interesting happens every day. I believe in what we do because vaccination is an important and meaningful tool for prevention. I also really appreciate the wide range of benefits that Avenier offers us.”

Petr Volek, Distribution Specialist – Development Coordinator

“Each day on the Customer Service line of Avenier brings new challenges. The work is not monotonous, which makes me very happy. In addition, we have a great team of colleagues who are an important source of support for me – not only at work, but also in my personal life. Avenier offers cool benefits, such as a free day for my birthday, development training, and participation in various events.”

Adéla Jůzová, Customer Care Consultant

“I went through a lot of changes before I came to work at Avenier, but that was one of the most significant changes of all. Shifting from the public sector to the private sector, where everybody is much more friendly, was almost like a dream. The medical team works efficiently, which our clients can confirm. Of the many benefits on offer, I would definitely highlight the paid time off for birthdays or the many company events where I always enjoy meeting my colleagues.”

Ondřej Vedral, Nurse

“I have been working at Avenier since 2008. We provide comprehensive services for people who travel abroad – not just vaccinations but also advice related to the risks of infectious diseases and problems that the client may face while travelling.”

MUDr. Hana Tkadlecová, Vaccination Centre Doctor and Expert Guarantor

“This is my 15th year at Avenier, and I still enjoy my work and am happy here. I appreciate that I have had the opportunity to move up in my career, from Customer Service, to Support and to my current position, which suits me best – helping the doctors and nurses in our Vaccination Centres do their everyday work. And what is most important to me? The friendly atmosphere and great colleagues who transform the work into joy, not a chore.”

Jitka Březinová, Operations and Internal Communications Specialist

“I joined Avenier as a fresh graduate and I was immediately able to get involved in several interesting projects. What I enjoy most about this job is how diverse and dynamic it is. I can use my theoretical knowledge in practice. I also very much appreciate the opportunities for further training in the field.”

Michal Zich, Marketing Specialist

“I have been working at Avenier for 8 years, and after all that time it has not become monotonous. Every day we have to deal with new, albeit sometimes challenging situations, but that’s what I love about my job. I appreciate all the great benefits, such as regular company gatherings with colleagues from all regions. These events help us strengthen relationships and build great teams. That in turn makes it easier to get through even the tougher days.”

Marta Sekaninová, Distribution centre coordinator

“I’ve been working for Avenier’s HR for 13 years and I absolutely love it. For me, it’s not just about having the ‘paperwork’ in order. It’s very fulfilling for me to take care of my colleagues and make them as happy at work as I am. Over the years, I have made many friends here with whom I enjoy meeting even after work. What I appreciate most, besides the amazing parties, is definitely the company mission, the company culture, and great communication within the company.”

Renata Pojmanová, HR specialist

“I have been working at Avenier for more than 11 years. I started at the Customer Service line and after 3 years I moved up to the Support department. I enjoy my job because of the variety of tasks and active communication with customers and colleagues. I also appreciate the wide range of benefits the company provides.”

Klára Depiaková, Internal Process Specialist

“When I joined Avenier a few years ago, I had no idea where my first steps would lead. I soon found out that I truly was on the right path. I met a lot of great people here. Today, Avenier as a whole is very dear to me.”

Veronika Kubešová, Nurse

“I have been working at the company practically since its founding and there is still a lot to be inspired by. We are a dynamic team, with lots of changes and new projects, so it is virtually impossible to get stuck, professionally. I appreciate that we work towards the same goals and support each other when necessary. And this is also true in our department.”

Lenka Čechová, Accountant

I joined Avenier as a Customer Service line Consultant and after two years I rose to the position of Public Procurement Specialist thanks to an internal selection procedure. I appreciate the company’s stability, facilities, friendly team, varied and interesting work and, of course, the wide range of benefits offered.

Milada Vencová, Public Procurement Specialist

“At Avenier, I am in daily contact with colleagues from different departments across the company, so I am happiest when we all work together and get along. What I appreciate most is the friendliness of many of my colleagues, whom I meet in person at the headquarters or who I communicate with through calls or emails.”

Ivana Pavlišová, Purchasing Specialist

“I’ve been working here for a little over a year and I have to say that I really enjoy my work as an IT temp. What motivates me the most, however, are my colleagues with whom I share an office and whom I can turn to at any time with any problem. It gives me joy that I can make our doctors’ and nurses’ jobs easier when they are having trouble with their computers or printers, and that my work is meaningful.”

Vojtěch Javorek, IT temp worker

“Work at Avenier is meaningful and, most importantly, not mundane. What I appreciate the most, however, is working in a team of great and inspiring colleagues and friends, with whom we not only collaborate on solving work challenges, but also go out for a beer to celebrate our successes or enjoy some sports activities.”

Jana Matulová, Analytics Specialist

“I have been working at Avenier since the beginning and I am very satisfied. The colleagues are helpful, friendly, and always ready to help. The overall atmosphere is very pleasant. The work is dynamic and constantly brings new challenges that motivate me and allow me to grow both professionally and personally.

Jana Zálešáková, Accountant

“Our work is dynamic and interesting. I especially appreciate the great team because everyone understands that just as ‘everything in life is interconnected’, so too it holds in our company that any decision, action, or possible mistake will be reflected in the work of everyone. That’s why we work as one team. It’s obvious that Avenier is a kind of ‘clockwork’ in which even the smallest cog has its own meaning and importance.”

Dana Honzátková, Chief Accountant

“I came to Avenier from a competing medicine distribution company. It seemed like a good opportunity to go on and develop in what I enjoy doing. I like working at Avenier because of the variety and the combination of computer work and active movement around the distribution centre. I also appreciate the wide range of benefits.”

Olga Hrušková, Distribution Centre Specialist

“Work at Avenier is dynamic and does not fall into monotony. At my position, I can apply analytical thinking and have room to develop professionally. My colleagues and I form a good team with a friendly atmosphere, which is a big plus for me.”

Helena Vašková, Analytics Specialist

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I appreciate the treatment of employees and great benefits.
Certainty and stability
Opportunities to learn new things.

We appreciate the work of our colleagues

Paid time off

5 weeks of vacation, 3 days of paid leave and a day off for your birthday.


You can enjoy a monthly contribution of 1000 Kč, i.e. 12.000 a year.


We will give you all vaccination for free (both local and for travelling), and for your loved ones we offer a 30 % discount.


To promote health and prevention, you can look forward to vitamins and food supplements that we provide.

Meals vouchers

We provide food contributions and also refreshments at the workplace.


We offer a broad portfolio of educational online and offline courses, including education as a benefit with a yearly Seduo license.

Multisport card

For a convenient price you can do sports and relax at many facilities all over Czechia.


We contribute to pension and life insurance 1 + 1 thousand Kč monthly, i.e. 12 + 12 thousand yearly.

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